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Welcome to birthstar.com, your place for all your Vedic (Hindu/Indian) astrology needs, as well as the official webpage of world renowned Vedic Astrologer Suresh Deshmukh. 

Do you have burning questions in life that you must have the answers to?  Do you sometimes wonder if you are following the best path in life for you? Are you ready to start a business or make a commitment to somebody, but you just want to know a little bit more first? The best place to start the search for answers is your janma patrika, Kundali or birthchart.


Since everybody has a unique time, place and date of birth, the answers to everybody’s life are unique too, like a fingerprint. Hindu Vedic Astrology’s methodology has stood the test of time and has offered correct guidance to countless people, offering suggestions for education, career choices, marriage/business compatibility and more. Indian astrology can even go so far as to provide you with auspicious dates for important tasks based on your unique janma patrika.


Because of the uniqueness and the mathematics involved in reading a chart properly, being licensed in Vedic Astrology is hard, but Pundit Deshmukh has done over 15 years ago, being the first Ohioan to do so.


To get started, look at some of the pages on this site to see the different services we offer, including janma patrika analysis (an especially popular choice for newborns). If any of them sound like they might provide what you need, then order a janma patrika package and we will get to work on it right away. If you have any questions, feel free to email Pundit Deshmukh at Deshmukh@BIRTHSTAR.com